The garments on the goat, the scarf, the bead necklace, they’re familiar, why? He was wear- ing them. This is him in a past life. Where does it come from, a dream or a similar experi- ence, who knows? What is it that brings a sense of familiarity? I don’t think it’s the goat’s physical appearance, but at the same time it is.


The goat is standing on a cliff; the landscape is hilly, with a river exiting into the ocean. The river penetrating right through the middle of the green land mass. That’s what it was, as simple as that. Now that he looks in retrospect at his past life, he wants something more to complement him, to accompany him in that moment. His emotions in his present life intertwine with his past life as a goat years before he was born. He’s in love, he wants to pollute the sky with purple. There are so many clouds. And then pink dots; the sunset’s reflection on time itself. Abstraction is hard to dissect, but once it’s fully interpreted it’s


as symbolic and satisfying as can be. You’ve created an opinion like the artist; all that deep thinking subsequently treats you with joy, you deserve it. If his only recollection of his past life were through a dream, then he wouldn’t be able to travel back and forth between the present and the past. These paintings serve as a time capsule. Most dreams are just a cloud of confusion, your stream of consciousness mixed with anxiety and excitement. Most people don’t know how to make use of this, he does. Out of all the spontaneity of thought and beyond thought that comes to him and from him, this one was precisely engrained in him, and with that reason they materialized and become the thing.


Does it symbolize any super natural substance or just life in general?